Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scheme of the Week 5

Week 1 (SB Ace)
Week 2 (Shotgun Split Close)
Week 3 (Far Tight Twins)
Week 4 (Singleback Bunch)
Week 5

Singleback Tight Doubles (Houston)
          This formation has long been a madden staple, however is rarely used in this years game. Those that have continued to use it, have been secretly reaping the benefits. It can be found in a variety of books but most people use Houston's book, so I just went with that.

Base Play
HB Draw

Since this play is self explanitory I didn't record it.

Deep Pass formation Audible

Vs Man Motion LB to the left, snap before he gets set and quick throw it to him. You may also want to slant in X and A for a second man beating option.

Vs Zone- Streak LB. Just your average Streak/Corner route combo. You also have that C route to the right which will get underneath deep blues and a bit wider than purple zones, however, it does require a bit of user catching to be effective.

Set as one of your audibles

I like to streak X and slant in A so that if the screen pass is being user covered I have other options. Obviously the corner will beat zone and the slant man. When you combine this with the Draw you can really keep the defense honest.

In Game Examples

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