Monday, March 12, 2012

46 Bear Mini Scheme

Because I'm on spring break and away from my capture card and all that stuff, this weeks will be a little shorter than usual. I'm not really a defensive kind of guy so this will pretty much be a compilation of blitzes that I've seen other people post.

The simplest way to get pressure in this formation is by picking any play, sliding the DL to the left and crashing them to the left. This will allow the DE on the left to come in free, and if you set it up prior to the line getting set, your opponent will likely not recognize it. Just as an example let's take the play cover 2.

By sliding the line and crashing them left you get guys on the DL to occupy all of the possibly guys on the OL that can block that edge rusher. The RG/RT will simply not have enough time to get over there and block him, especially if you have a guy like JPP, Suggs, Ware, etc. It will still work with a guy like Jarret Johnson who has 72 speed.

A tough thing this year to stop is the run, and the 46 Bear does a great job at stopping it. Here's two plays I use.


Some books with the 46 bear have this cover 3 preset, if you have the one with the DE and OLB in a flat, just change them to a purple. On this play all you have to do is user the safety and set the edge. Often times on runs up the middle the FS will come in untouched, and on runs to the outside either the SS or OLB will shoot through the gaps automatically. This isn't always the case, but don't be surprised if it happens.


On this play spread the DL and take the MLB who will always be on the RB and put him over the DT, a yard or two off the line of scrimmage. I don't really know why this works so well, but it does. Don't really worry that you're leaving the HB unguarded as the only time people really throw to RB's this year is if they're motioned out of the backfield. In that case, they've made it pretty obvious they aren't running the ball.

What everyone's main concern is, is getting to the QB. I did a few blitzes a while back from the formation that got pressure from different area's with the same look. That video can be found here [url][/url] (youtube link contained 3 letters in a row not fit for the forums, rendering it useless.)

Because blitzing and defense really isn't my strong suit I often turn other sources for them. One of the most effective blitzes I found online (from a youtube video by a guy from askmadden[?]) is from the play buzz weak and it can be run from both the man and zone plays. The play looks like

For A Gap pressure
1. Pinch the line
2. Reblitz both DT's (Guys over the center and LG)
3. Move the MLB and place him over the RG

The pressure should come in the the right of screen DE (LE on the depth chart). The faster the player, the faster the pressure.

To get outside heat from the same look
1. Pinch the line
2. Crash the DL to the left (DL playmaker then the right stick left)
3. Reblitz the left of screen DE (RE on the depth chart)
4. Place the mlb over the RG and spy him
5. Take the blitzing OLB and put him in any zone of your choosing, I like a purple

On this variety, the DE will come from the left side extremely quickly because where he gets placed by pinching the line

Next weeks "scheme" will actually be a full minnesota "ebook" that I planned on doing this week, but I left my flashdrive with the videos in my dorm.

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